KLÖPPER - Automatic PVB Foil-Trimming

Automatic PVB Foil-Trimming rationalizes the Laminated Glass Production

(November 5th, 2001)

After sandwiching of the glass sheets the automatical lengthways trimming is carried out in the same station. All knives are controlled pneumatically. The cutting of the foil is carried out from below. The knife is attached to the glass edge contrary to the glass movement. The glass edges are finished on the right and left side simultaneously during glass transportation. In plants for jumbo sizes longitudinal cutter for twins are installed in addition, if it requires the productivity. At the cross-trimming the glass sheets are aligned with the front edge. The Pvb foil is then first cut at the back edge. The cutting of the foil is carried out from below. The trimming is effected by cross movement up to the glass end. The foil trimming at the front and the back side of the glass sheet requires less than 6 seconds. Split formats are finished by additional cross trimming simultaneously. At first both back edges are trimmed, the twins are then lined up at the front edge and trimmed simultaneously. High productivity is ensured. The knives' lifetime is high and they can simply be replaced. Amortization of a laminating glass plant modification can be effected in less than 2 years. Since April 2000 cross- and length trimming stations are working without interruption. For the trimming of twins the stations work with 4 lengthways knives and 4 crossways knives. Cycles of 45 seconds are reached.

Beimdick Gruppe